Lo-FI Drums. S1000 7x floppy omniflop images for Free

Akai s-series free floppy disk images

Here you have omniflop images of my personal lo-fi drum sample collection for Akai S series samplers.
These are in s1000 disk format and it can be used with akai s950 s1000 s1100 s2000 s3000 s5000 and many others devices.

Images contain processed samples from old computers like Amiga, Atari, Commodore and also many other various samples from fairlight, emu, drum machines like dmx, linn, roland, yamaha. But everything was processed in lo-fi style, sometimes i added exciters, compression, distortion, bit crushers, filters.

Use omniflop program to save it to real floppies.
Make own drum kits, use envelopes, akai internal filters.

I recommend to use it on s1000 and s1100 due to much better playback of low-frequency samples than never samplers.

Enjoy :-)

p.s Tell me what you think about it, Post your music results :-)

All samples are recorded, processed by me.
You can use it with no restrictions as components of musical compositions
either private or commercial.
BUT you are not allowed to redistribute, sell. ASK ME FIRST!

(link download fixed)


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