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Martin JanusHello! This is my personal web page. I’m an amateur composer, collector, synth & sampler enthusiast. I’m 40 years old and I live in Poland. I created this blog because I wanted to have all of my samples, manuals, and utilities for my samplers in one place, and also to share it with others. If you have anything interesting to share or have any questions, please post a comment or write to me.

My equipment I owned or I own:

Yamaha DX7 mk1 with E! expansion as masterkeyboard (classic, i love this grandpa :)
Kawai k5000w with macrobox midi controller and memory expansion (unique additive sound)
Korg Z1 digital, little dirty sound, lots of parameters to edit, great
Clavia Nord Lead 3 the easiest synth to program, great for live, although very complex (sold in 2021)

2x Akai s1100 1: 32megs, toslink outputs, smpte, internal cf harddisk | 2: 10megs, smpte with 3.5 scsi IBM reader – brodcast version of s1000, hi-end sound of 90s (unfortunately i sold both in 2020 and 2021)
2x Akai s5000 1: 256megs, fx board, scsi reader with cf | 2: 160megs, floppy drive – super hq sound, much better than software samplers (sold in 2021 & 2022)
Akai s3000xl 32megs, fx & filter board, internal cf hd – worst akai samplers i had, i did not like the sound (sold in 2019)
Yamaha a5000 + digital output board amd 128megs – 6 super effects at once, great filters
Yamaha a4000 + digital output board, 128megs of ram (sold in 2019)

sound modules:
Acess virus b (very fat bass sound, 3 oscs, deep synthesis, some says it was last good virus)
Kawai k4r rompler, great for 90s house piano and strings (sold in 2022)
Korg m1r ex cult 80’s machine expanded, 4mb addidtional rom – like t1-t3, sounds huge compared to vst (sold in 2021)
Korg ms2000r (only 4 voices of polyphony but powerful synthesis, radias predecessor)
Korg ns5r little toy rompler, patches good and famous but sound thin, better get Korg n1r so i sold it in 2021
Korg tr-rack trinity in rack, rompler but punchy, bright sound (sold in 2021)
Korg wavestation sr cult late 80s synth, rich pads and textures, sounds much better than vst plugin (sold in 2021)
Roland jv2080 + 8 expansions (state of the art 90s rompler, excvept XV-5080 :))
Roland u220 rompler, little cheap sound, but used by Prodigy for strings and pianos :)
Roland jp-8080 first Roland’s VA, very good sound, unique feedback leads (sold in 2020)
Roland d550 rack version of famous d-50 + musitronics expansion (sold in 2022, i use software)
Roland v-synth xt great for vocal effects, pitch shifting, etc, current roland synths share v-synth technology – SOLD in 2018 because prices are too high :)
Waldorf micro q yellow beast, little brother of big monster Q, not so big different! (sold in 2021)
Waldorf microwave II i prefer it over micro q, both are excellent VA synths (unfotunatelly sold in 2021)
Yamaha cs6r techno rompler, some recognizable patches used by Faithless and Depeche Mode. I like it, quality patches
Yamaha fs1r (flagship fm synthesis module, formant filters, powerfull and expensive – SOLD in 2018 because prices are too high, tg77 is preferred alternative :))
Yamaha mu90r (gm, xg rompler, very good effects and some nice performance patches)
Yamaha tg77 (my favourite fm/rompler rack synth, excellent patches, great filters)
Yamaha tx81z (cult 4op fm machine, 80-90s famous techno bass)
Yamaha tg500 (early 90s predecessor of current yamaha motifs, great fx and filters)

drum machines:
Kawai x5dr (sold in 2022)
Yamaha rx7
Roland tr-626
Boss dr-660
Korg ddd-5
Roland mc-505
(new) Roland R8-m

Lexicon mpx-550 (hi-end converters and op-amps, extremely quiet, last old good cheap lexicon)
Lexicon mx400 x2 (modern lexicons… not god as old, i use it mostly as 2x A/D converter and in this case works better than fx, haha :))
Lexicon mx200 (very basic effect… good delays) currently broken due to lightning.. but i got second mx400 as replacement :)
Alesis quadraverb plus (my favourite reverb, underrated, from late 80s, i use it with akai s1100)
Behringer rev2496 (x2) (underrated, reverb algos are even better than lexicon mpx-550)
Alesis 3606 compressor (cult machine, french house touch)
Aphex dominator 722 limiter (great unit for final loud mixes, i love this toy)

motu 828mk3 (broken)
Motu 2408 mk2
Behringer ada 8000
Presonus Firewire Studio
terratec phase 88 fw (broken)
yamaha ux256 (midi interface)

HP Z600 Workstation, 2xXeon processors 24gigs of ram with software: renoise, wavosaur, audacity, sox ;)
Lenovo m58, core2duo 3ghz machine with software: renoise, wavosaur, audacity, sox
Atari mega st2 (x2) with cubase, notator and slave driver software

other equipment:
2x adat blackface multitrack recorders, fully working, i use it for A/D conersion for 90s digital touch :)

Favourite music genres: Electronica, 80’s pop and rock, 80’s new wave, 90’s house, movie music
Favourite musicans and bands: Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Manowar, Faithless, Juno Reactor, Banco de Gaia, Fatboy Slim, Giorgio Moroder, Harold Faltermeyer, Jan Hammer, New Order, Isao Tomita, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Hans Zimmer and many many other new fresh talented musicans


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